Take off Aviation & Management Academy

Take off Aviation & Management Academy provides placement assistance services based on a consent in the form of an agreement and there lies the utility of Education as we feel that a job is the ultimate requirement. An Academy and its training is the medium to reach this goal.

Take off Aviation and Management as an academy outshines any other similar institution as we have a very proactive placement cell to connect the aspirant with the job. This department is a team of seasoned professionals well connected with the industry around us.

The Placement Cell of Take Off Aviation & Management Academy plays a crucial role in locating job opportunities for under-graduates and graduates passing out from our certificate courses and even direct contacts by keeping in touch with reputed firms/companies and establishments based on our imparted disciplines. The Placement Cell operates round the year relentlessly to facilitate contacts between companies and the candidates.

  • Be able to proactively identify and respond to the needs of students
  • Be able to gather, disseminate and share best practice
  • Work with clients to solve their problems using education theory
  • Be able to present your ideas and solutions in an effective way.
  • Use, develop and support assistive technologies
  • Understand jargon, acronyms and specialist vocabulary associated with the industry chosen
  • Understand how to work with teachers, leaders and organizations
  • Work with professional code of ethics and remain impartial.
The Process under the Placement Cell
  • Students after successful completing of training course and evaluation of our certificate training program on the designated course undergoes a profile review program.
  • Profile review program plays the most pivotal role(which is conducted by seasoned top-notch industry experts) in counseling of the candidate and to give him/her an option into the role he/she is would aptly fit into.
  • Based on the review the candidate out of his own free will can approach the panel of the Placement Cell.
  • The responsibility then rests upon the Placement Cell to identify and locate potential employers and accordingly put forward the enlisted candidatures for pre-interview screening and campus interview which can happen either virtually or by physical presence.
  • Upon successful recruitment by a potential employer the agreement between the candidate the academy becomes redundant with immediate effect.