Take Off Cargo

Cargo Personnel Program

Salary Range
Job Designation Salary Range
CARGO/ U/H 10K-15K
Course Details
Course Duration Fees
30 Days 50, 000 INR

Air Cargo industry has been at the crux of the development of the economy. With the diminishing of trade boundaries between countries and opening up of the bilateral trade, this sector has seen a boost. With the need to increase the speed of the transportation of goods with new concepts of logistics, there has been a boom in the transportation of goods by air. The job profile in such cases require minimum education and usually receive on-the-job training. The outlook is for these jobs to grow as fast as average. With new types of aircrafts, connectivity, increased capacities and increased safety procedures governing the air transportation of the cargo has allowed the air cargo industry to experiment with the growth of the sector.

Air cargo handlers work at airports loading and unloading baggage. The air cargo ground operations executive will be the first point of contact for the acceptance, preparation, dispatch, storage, and delivery of the cargo by Air.

The candidate will need to understand the airline operations, type of aircrafts and their limitations analyze and accept cargo, prepare the air cargo for loading onto the aircraft, complete the documentation with respect to the cargo acceptance, manifesting on board the flight, Segregation of cargo based on the type. Identify and accept DG(dangerous goods) cargo. The candidate will also have to escort the cargo to the aircraft and ensure correct loading positions in the aircraft and adherence to aircraft limitations. He/she will also need to ensure safety procedure is followed while loading and unloading the cargo. Once the cargo is arrived at destination, the executive is expected to maintain records and/ handover the cargo to the custodians of the warehouse, Inform the clients of the arrival of cargo, and ensure correct delivery of the cargo The executive is expected to know the documents required at the time of acceptance of the cargo, follow state and statutory regulations, Air Waybill preparation, booking of cargo on the space management/booking software of the airline.

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