Cabin Crew

Cabin Crew

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90 Days 1,20, 000 INR

Here we welcome the bright presentable personas with charm and beneficent attitude. Candidates willing to take up the challenge in handling multiple roles amidst the flight and living up to expectations of passengers in all situations.

The most important responsibility of a flight attendant is to make sure passengers are safe, then to assure they are feeling comfortable. Cabin Crew or flight attendants are considered to be the practical ambassadors of their airline companies, it is expected from them to have impeccable service and to have a friendly attitude, approachable, natural enthusiasm and an immaculate image.

Here we prepare you to pass any airline interview.

If you want to have a broad overview of the role and duties of cabin crew, airline companies profiles, stages of each airlines’ interview and how to pass them, we are waiting for you at our week long intensive course. We make your perfect cabin crew CV & pictures, we help you gain confidence and learn how to speak in public, so you will have a flawless performance at your cabin crew interview.

What do Cabin Crew do?

One of the main essential duty tasks of a cabin crew is to provide an exceptional level of customer service to passengers during their trip, while ensuring their comfort and safety, of course with a “happy and helping way” attitude. The essential primary part of their job is about having confidence and knowledge level to deal with any emergency or security problem that may arise. Passengers must feel valued for choosing your airlines, as this is sacrosanct and must be philosophy to abide by.

Listing them would be as follows:

  • Attend a pre-flight briefing during which cabin crew are assigned to their positions once on board. They will also get informed about flight details, schedule and passengers with special requirements such as special meal requester, wheelchair passengers, VIPs on board, elderly passengers or the number of babies requiring baby seats.
  • Perform pre-flight tasks, including checking safety equipment, ensuring that the aircraft is clean and tidy, Checking that all meals are on board (including special dietary requests), as well preflight check of the first aid equipment.
  • Greet passengers on board and direct them to their seats, assisting them with hand luggage.
  • Inform passengers of aircraft safety procedures and ensure that all hand luggage is stowed and unobstructed.
  • Checking all passenger seat belts, check galleys and securing it before takeoff.
  • Make announcements and keep passengers informed of any delays, etc.
  • Always be visible in the cabin to answer passengers’ questions during the flight.
  • Serve meals and refreshments to passengers.
  • Sell tax-free or inflight goodies and items plus inform passengers of any allowance restrictions in effect at their destination.
  • Reassure passengers and ensure they are following safety procedures correctly in emergency situations.
  • Give first aid to passengers if necessary, demonstrating a calm approach at all times.
  • Ensure that passengers disembark safely at the end of a flight and check that there is no luggage left in the overhead compartments, toilets and galley areas.
  • Fill out documents such as stock control, recording flaws or problems during the flight, liaison with ground staff.
On the basis of the following eligibility criteria Airlines recruits the students:
Age Requirement:

18-27 years old


155 CMS minimum (Female),170 CMS minimum (Male)


Weight in proportion to height

Status (Marital) :


Eye Sight :

20/30 vision or better is required

Education (Min) :

10+2 passed

Other :

No visible Tattoos, piercings or wild hairstyles

Language :

Fluency in National & one international language (English Mainly)

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