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Biplab Kumar Sinha

Message from the Desk of Chairman

Any institution today needs to design fundamental qualities of excellence, maintain an environment full of opportunities and let the students in it grow with possibilities while they are being prepared continuously to be the most archaic candidate for the Aviation Industry.

Academics here is a journey of personal transformation and appreciating each day initiatives pertaining to the efforts of our faculty members at one end while growing continuously at the other end as a citizen with will power and vision to stand tall in life.

Takeoff Aviation wants to produce confident, secure and well educated young people who will become versatile and responsible adults of the future. To achieve this, academic rigour is balanced by a range of opportunities that develop creativity, performance, sporting and leadership skills. The best measure of our success is to be found in the way each child develops self confidence and maturity throughout his/her career which we intend to inculcate within all the students of Takeoff Aviation.

Takeoff Aviation has been a long-time vision where I had been waiting to join hands with a few of the Aviation industry stalwarts and now here we are with the very best in the world of contemporary Aviation Academics. I appeal to all, to make the best use of such a facility and give shape to your dreams. Let us now all join hands to enrich aviation !!!

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